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Mr Teh Tarik Express started off in 2004 as a beverage kiosk in the CBD. It has since expanded to 7 brands and over 20 halal-certified outlets offering Indian & Malay dishes like Roti Prata, Chapatti, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Mutton Briyani and more.
Prata Wala is a quick-service, halal certified Indian restaurant which provides delicious, value-for-money Indian cuisine in a modern setting. The menu offers Indian favourites from North and South Indian cuisine.
Established in 1908, Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant is one of the most popular Indian-Muslim restaurant in Singapore, famous for its Nasi Briyani, Murtabak & Roti Prata. The restaurant has ample seats and is situated directly opposite the iconic Sultan mosque.

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