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We are not afraid to call ourselves "kiasu"

Ahboy.com is a free resource portal curated for all residents of Singapore. Our portal publishes content including how-to guides, events listing, recommended recreational activities and more. We endeavor to include everything you need to know while living in Singapore.

Several ongoing projects are in the pipeline:

  • Events database: We are working to expanding Ahboy.com’s event database and we aim to be the go-to event portal in Singapore. 
  • Events listing: We have opened up the event listing submission to help all Singapore companies and organisations promote their locally-based events. 
  • Food reviews: We are in the process of reviewing restaurants, hawker stalls and eateries in Singapore. We will open for submission by food lovers and businesses soon.
  • Product guides: Sometimes, you just can’t find the niche products and services you want online or do not know whether they are reliable on those sources, we will address these concerns for you through our investigative articles.

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