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Kraftwich by Swissbake - Paya Lebar Square - Smoked Salmon Kraftwich
Swissbake Cafe (formerly known a Kraftwich by Swissbake) offers healthy and delectable sandwiches, grain bowls and salads. It was launched in 2016 and now has 3 outlets islandwide.

Swissbake Cafe Locations & Outlets

Formerly known as Kraftwich by Swissbake, Swissbake Cafe was launched in January 2016 with the mission to offer high quality sandwiches, grain bowls and salads, on top of freshly baked bread and pastries from its parent brand. Signatures at the café include Poached Egg & Turkey Ham Swiss Crumpet, Beef Pastrami Kraftwich, Omega Wave Grain Bowl and more.

Swissbake is a brand under Commonwealth Concepts, a F&B group that also operates brands as Pastamania, Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel, The Marmalade Pantry, Fat Cow, Cin Cin and more.

Swissbake Cafe currently operates 1 outlet (as of Mar 2023) as follows:

  1. The Central – (Clarke Quay) 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-53, Singapore 059817

Swissbake Cafe Menu

Below are its menu items and prices (as of March 2022):

Breakfast (Available all day)

  • Bircher Muesli – $5.90
  • Petite Breakfast – $9.90
    • Eggs, chicken chipolata sausages, mesclun salad and bread
    • Make it your own!
      • Scrambled or poached eggs
      • Chicken chipolata sausages or chicken ham
      • French toast or waffles
  • Kraftwich Big Breakfast – $12.90
    • Eggs, chicken chipolata sausages, chicken ham, mesclun salad and bread
    • Make it your own!
      • Scrambled or poached eggs
      • Croissant, French toast or waffles

Early Risers Breakfast (Available from 8am to 11am)

  • Egg Mayo Croissant – $5.90
  • Poached Egg & Turkey Ham Swiss Crumpet – $5.90
  • Tuna Multigrain Croissant – $5.90
  • Complete Your Breakfast
    • Add $1.00 for a Coffee or Tea (Applicable on drinks below $4.90)

Kraftwich (Available from 11am onwards)

The signature KRAFTWICH™ sandwiches come with a multigrain bread containing the healthiest grains including wheat, soya, sunflower seeds and oats.

  • Tuna & Egg – $7.80
  • Turkey Ham & Cheese – $7.80
  • Smoked Chicken – $8.80
  • Smoked Duck – $8.80
  • Avocado & Cheese – $9.80
  • Beef Pastrami – $9.80
  • Smoked Salmon – $9.80
  • Thai Spicy Chicken – $10.80

Grain Bowl (Available from 11am onwards) 

  • Green Goddess – $12.90
    • Cherry tomatoes, edamame, broccoli, tofu, avocado, brown rice, almond flakes, corn
      salsa and spicy tahini sauce
  • Hot Chick – $12.90
    • Spicy sriracha chicken, cherry tomatoes, edamame, broccoli, egg, brown rice, almond flakes, corn salsa and spicy tahini sauce
  • Ninja – $12.90
    • Smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, edamame, mixed beans, egg, brown rice, almond flakes, corn salsa, dried cranberries and homemade teriyaki sauce
  • Omega Wave – $14.90
    • Oven baked salmon, cherry tomatoes, edamame, mixed beans, egg, brown rice, almond flakes, corn salsa, dried cranberries and homemade teriyaki sauce
  • Complete Your Meal
    • Add $5.0 for a Mushroom Soup and drink (Applicable on drinks below $4.9)

Soup & Salad (Available from 11am onwards)

  • Mushroom Soup – $3.50
  • Chicken Caesar – $9.90
    • Smoked chicken, cherry tomatoes, egg, corn, garlic croutons, Caesar dressing and multigrain toppings
  • Ponzu Miso Smoked Salmon – $10.90
    • Smoked salmon, onion, capers, cherry tomatoes, egg, corn, garlic croutons, ponzu miso dressing and multigrain toppings
  • Thai Spicy Chicken – $12.90
    • Oven baked chicken, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, egg, corn, sriracha dressing and multigrain toppings
  • Oven Baked Salmon – $13.90
    • Salmon, onion, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, egg, corn, homemade teriyaki sauce and multigrain toppings


  • Apple Tart – $6.50
  • Chocolate Crumble Tart – $6.90
  • Brownie & Ganache Tart – $6.90
  • French Toast with Fresh Fruits – $7.80
  • Multigrain Croissant with two scoops of Udders Ice Cream – $7.80
  • Waffles with two scoops of Udders Ice Cream – $9.80


  • Udders Ice Cream – Choice of Vanilla, Chocolate or Flavour of the day


  • Chocolate Fudge Cake – $6.90
  • Classic Cheesecake – $6.90
  • Hazelnut Crunch Cake – $6.90
  • Paradiso Cake – $6.90
  • Raspberry Romance Cake – $6.90
  • Banana Tea Cake – $8.90
  • Chocolate Tea Cake – $8.90
  • Lemon Tea Cake – $8.90


  • Espresso – (Hot) $4.00
  • Cappuccino – (Hot) $4.90
  • Americano – (Hot) $4.90 (Iced) $5.60
  • Latte – (Hot) $4.90 (Iced) $5.60
  • Mocha – (Hot) $5.60 (Iced) $6.30
  • Salted Caramel Latte – (Hot) $5.60 (Iced) $6.30
  • White Choco Latte – (Hot) $5.60 (Iced) $6.30


  • Matcha Latte – (Hot) $5.60 (Iced) $6.30
  • Swiss Pure Chocolate – (Hot) $5.60 (Iced) $6.30


  • Chamomile Tea – (Hot) $4.90
  • Earl Grey Tea – (Hot) $4.90
  • English Breakfast Tea – (Hot) $4.90
  • Green Tea – (Hot) $4.90
  • Peppermint Tea – (Hot) $4.90
  • Lemon Tea – (Iced) $4.50
  • Peach Tea – (Iced) $4.50

Swissbake Cafe Review (Paya Lebar Square)

Swissbake Cafe at Paya Lebar Square is located on Level 1 of the shopping mall. It is situated right at the side entrance of the mall, but the entrance was closed at the time of our visit due to COVID restrictions. The mall is connected to East West Line of Paya Lebar MRT station on the ground level and Circle Line of Paya Lebar MRT station on Basement 1.

We made a booking on Eatigo with 50% discount for a 3pm slot on a Sunday afternoon and arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes early. There was only one pair of diners at the outlet at that time and no staff was visibly present. Nonetheless, we went forward to check out their menu and food in the display counter. As we were browsing through the items, a female staff came out from the kitchen. There wasn’t any greeting and she just stood behind the cashier.

We went forward, informed her on our Eatigo reservation and wanted to order Kraftwich Big Breakfast and Beef Pastrami but were told coldly that they were not available, even though the time of our visit falls within the serving hours for these items. Nonetheless, we went on to order a Ninja Bowl ($12.90) and a Smoked Salmon Kraftwich ($9.80) instead. After which, we got ourselves a table and waited for about 10 minutes before the food was served.

The two dishes were served nicely plated and looked pretty appetizing. As we started eating, we noticed that the Kraftwich bread was warm while the smoke salmon sandwiched in between was cold, and the brown rice in the Ninja Bowl was warm while the other ingredients were cold. Some effort has been put in by Swissbake in warming different parts of each dish separately and we applaude them for that. All the ingredients used in both the Smoke Salmon Kraftwich and the Ninja Bowl were fresh and presented multifaceted texture on each bite. We highly recommend these two dishes to all prospective diners.

Before we publish this review, we made another visit to Swissbake Cafe’s other outlet at Harbourfront Centre and decided to add our experience onto the original review. We made use of a Eatigo’s 50% discount on a Sunday afternoon again for this trip. There were about 3 tables of diners on this visit, and two staffs were seen manning the cashier and clearing plates from the vacant tables.

As we approached the counter, we were greeted by the mature lady staff was in the midst of clearing the tables. We informed her about our Eatigo’s reservation and she referred us to her younger male co-worker. Since we were already familiar with their menu, we ordered a Ninja Bowl ($12.90) to check on its consistency with the one we had at its Paya Lebar Square’s outlet, and a Kraftwich Big Breakfast ($12.90) that was not available in our previous visit.

The two dishes were served in 10 minutes. Again, they were plated nicely but we noticed inconsistency in the presentation of Ninja Bowl from their Paya Lebar Square’s outlet (see photos above). We went on to try the two dishes and we came to a verdict pretty quickly. The taste of the Ninja Bowl was good and consistent with the one we had previously, even though its presentation was slightly different. This item is highly recommended.

However, we were disappointed with Kraftwich Big Breakfast. Its croissant was soft, lumpy and cold, instead of being hot and flaky. There was also no buttery taste expected of croissants. The ham and sausage was too little and tasted like those we would have gotten from any supermarkets. They were also of low to average quality ham and sausages. The taste of the salad sprinkled with Balsamic sauce was fine, while the hot and fluffy omelette was the saving grace of the dish. On the whole, we find that this dish is overpriced even with a 50% discount given its subpar taste and quality. As such, we do not recommend this dish to anyone.

All in all, given our experience with Swissbake at Paya Lebar Square and Harbourfront Centre, we give its food quality a 3.6/5 (we suggest skipping Kraftwich Big Breakfast), its value-for-money a 4.2/5 (with Eatigo’s 50% discount), its dining environment a 4/5, and its service a 3/5. While the food is generally fine but excellent for selected items, Swissbake Cafe needs to improve on their customer service from hawker standard to restaurant standard.

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