Aloha Poke

Aloha Poke - Small Poke Bowl - White Rice, Spicy Ahi Tuna, Cherry Tomatoes, Golden Rasins
Aloha Poke was founded in 2014 with the mission of bringing healthy & tasty Hawaiian poké to Singapore. The brand offers 3 flagship flavours: Original, Wasabi Mayo and Spicy.

Aloha Poke Locations & Outlets

Aloha Poké is opened by 2 couples who fell in love with poké after returning from a vacation in Hawaii. As the founders were unable to find alternatives to quell their cravings locally, they decided to make and promote this healthy dish to other residents in Singapore. 

Every poké bowl at Aloha is served with rice and salad, choice of poké, and topped off with scallions, pineapple and lime. The signature flavours of their poké are Original, Wasabi Mayo and Spicy. Patrons also have the option to add-on additional toppings to their bowls.

Aloha Poke was launched in 2014 and currently operates 1 outlet (as of April 2022):

  1. Marina Bay Link Mall – (Downtown) 8A Marina Boulevard, #B2-46, Singapore 018984

Aloha Poke Menu

Below are its menu items and prices (subject to 10% service charge and prevailing GST):

Signature Bowl – $19.00

  • Aloha Breeze
    • 2 scoops of Original Salmon and Original Tuna served over Mixed Rice and Salad. Topped off with Flying Fish Roe and Cucumber.
  • Mentaiko Madness
    • 2 scoops of Mentaiko Salmon served over White Rice and Salad. Topped off with Cranberries and Almonds.
  • Green Giant
    • 1 scoop of Tofu Poke 1 scoop of King Mushroom Poke served over Spiced Cauliflower Rice. Topped off with Japanese Garlic Chips.

Poké-Don – $13.00

  • Served with Ito Keburi, Tobiko, Sakura, Chuka Wakame, Aionori
  • Poke Options
    • Salmon
    • Tuna
  • Available Flavours
    • Original
    • Spicy
    • Mentaiko
    • Wasabi

Poké Menu – (1 scoop) $13.00 (2 scoops) $19.00

  • Poké Bowl
    • Choice of poké served over a base of fragrant white rice / brown rice / cauliflower rice, salad and topped with pineapple, lime wedge and choice of 2 toppings.
  • Choose your base
    • White Rice
    • Brown Rice
    • Mixed Rice
    • Salad Only
    • Cauliflower Rice (Carb free – Additional +$2.00)
    • Udon (Additional +$1.00)
    • Soba (Additional +$1.00)
  • Choose your Poké flavours
    • The Traditional
      • Original Ahi Tuna or Salmon
      • Wasabi Mayo Ahi Tuna or Salmon
      • Spicy Ahi Tuna or Salmon
      • Mentai Salmon
      • Black Pepper Ahi Tuna
      • Laksa Ahi Tuna or Salmon (exclusive to Jewel)
    • Poké Ain’t Just Raw
      • Nutty Sesame Tofu
      • King Mushroom
      • Chilli Crab Shrimp (exclusive to Jewel)
  • Choose your 2 Toppings (Additional +$1.00 each)
    • Shredded Carrots
    • Cucumber
    • Tomago
    • Flying Fish Roe
    • Avocada +$1.00
    • Japanese Garlic Chips +$1.00
    • Dried Cranberries
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • Golden Rasins
    • Pickled Ginger
    • Jelly Fish +$1.00
    • Hokkaido Ikura +$3.00
    • Nori Seaweed
    • Edamame
    • Chuka Wakame
    • Baked Almonds
    • Quail Eggs +$1.00

Tiki Treats

  • Kalua Pork Fries – $11.00
    • Smokey Kalua pork served with guacamole, mayonnaise, cheese sauce and scallions
  • Aloha Wings – (8 pieces) $8.00 (16 pieces) $15.00
    • Oven baked spicy mid-wings with homemade BBQ sauce


  • Acai Parfait – $9.00
    • Acai berries filled with antioxidants made delicious. Topped with granola & fresh berries
  • Hawaiian Milk Crepe – $7.00
    • Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry
    • * Vanilla and chocolate contain liqueur
  • Ice Cream – $4.00
    • Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple served with granola

Kids Menu

  • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl – $8.00
    • Chicken Karaage with teriyaki sauce over white rice, shredded carrots, tamago and mayonnaise
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise – $7.00
    • Spaghetti pasta in beef Bolognaise sauce
  • French Fries – $7.00
    • A serving of french fries perfect for kids

Non Alcoholic Drinks

  • Homemade Ice Lemon Tea – $6.00
    • Black tea, lemon juice, lemon slice
  • Homemade Ice Mint Tea – $6.00
    • Black tea, mint
  • Cocoloco – $6.00
    • Organic pure coconut water for electrolyte replacement
  • Water – $4.00
    • Fiji still water
  • Juices – $6.00
    • Apple / Orange / Pineapple / Cranberry
  • Lycheetini – $10.00
    • Lychee juice, cranberry juice, apple juice
  • Virgin Pineapple Mojito – $10.00
    • Pineapple juice, mint leaves, ginger ale
  • Pink Titan – (Glass) $10.00 (Pitcher) $38.00
    • Orange juice, ginger ale, grenadine
  • Blue Monster – (Glass) $10.00 (Pitcher) $38.00
    • Lemon juice, sprite, blue lagoon
  • Green Beast – (Glass) $10.00 (Pitcher) $38.00
    • Lemon juice, pineapple puree, pineapple juice, sprite, blue lagoon
  • Purple Imp – (Glass) $10.00 (Pitcher) $38.00
    • Cranberry juice, lemon juice, sprite, blue lagoon, grenadine

Coffee by SARNIES

  • Espresso – (Single) $4.00 (Double) $5.00
  • Americano or Long Black – $5.00
  • Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White – $6.00
  • Iced Black – $6.00
  • Iced White – $6.00

Tea by TWG

  • French Earl Grey – $6.00
  • Moroccan Mint – $6.00
  • Chamomile – $6.00

Beer (Booze)

  • Kona Brewing Company Craft Beer 
    • Long Board Lager (4.6% abv) – (Draft) $12.00
    • Big Wave Golden Ale (4.4% abv) – (Draft) $12.00
  • Brothers Cider
    • Toffee Apple (4% abv) – (Bottle) $17.00
    • Cloudy Lemon (4% abv) – (Bottle) $17.00
    • Rhubard & Custard (4% abv) – (Bottle) $17.00
  • Wine
    • Sparkling Prosecco – (Glass) $16.00 (Bottle) $75.00
      • Rive di San Pietro Di Barbozza Superior Brut
    • Chardonnay – (Glass) $14.00 (Bottle) $65.00
      • Redtree, California, USA
    • Cabernet Sauvignon – (Glass) $14.00 (Bottle) $65.00
      • Redtree, California, USA

Signature Cocktail

  • Pink Anuenue – (Glass) $16.00 (Pitcher) $78.00
    • Rum, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine
  • Blue Nalu – (Glass) $16.00 (Pitcher) $78.00
    • Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice, Sprite
  • Green Limu – (Glass) $16.00 (Pitcher) $78.00
    • Gin, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Puree, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Sprite
  • Purple Ua – (Glass) $16.00 (Pitcher) $78.00
    • Vodka, Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Sprite, Grenadine
  • Pineapple Mojito – $16.00
    • Rum, Pineapple Puree, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Mint
  • Lychee Martini – $16.00
    • Vodka, KwaiFeh Lychee Liqueur, Lychee Juice
  • Margarita – $16.00
    • Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup
  • Daiquiri – $16.00
    • Rum, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup
  • Cosmopolitan – $16.00
    • Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice

Aloha Poke Review (Jewel Changi Airport)

Aloha Poke at Jewel Changi Airport is located on the highest floor, Level 5 of the iconic building. Natural sunlight peers through the building’s glass roof during the day and produces a very cheery dining atmosphere at the restaurant. In the evening, diners get to watch sparkling stars or airplanes gliding in the sky through the roof. The building sits in the middle of Changi Airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and is connected to the Changi Airport MRT station, taxi stands and public bus stops.

We visited the restaurant for lunch at around 11:30am on a weekday. There was only one other customer dining at the restaurant while their staff was busy sweeping the floor. As we approach the their outlet, the staff came over to attend to us. We were then ushered to a table and given their menu to browse. While we were new to Aloha Poke, we have tried other poke bowls near to our office in the CBD before. We went through Aloha’s menu items and find them to be similar to offerings by competitors like Poke Theory and Rollie Olie. Finally, we decided on getting two 1-scoop Poké Bowls that cost $13.00 each. 

To allow us to better assess the quality of their food, we tried to vary our selections on the bases and toppings as much as possible. Our selections were as follow:

  1. Brown Rice, Mentai Salmon, Edamame, Baked Almonds
  2. White Rice, Spicy Ahi Tuna, Cherry Tomatoes, Golden Rasins

As we were waiting for our food to be ready, the server came over with the cutleries and two glasses of iced water. It was a nice gesture as it is rare to find restaurants offering free drinking water nowadays. Our food took about another 15 minutes to be ready, though we did not notice the time as we engrossed in our small talks in the nice cozy environment. Both our orders were later served at the same time, with the ingredients plated neatly on ceramic artisan plates.

Upon trying a few mouthfuls of the two bowls, we were awed by the texture, taste and freshness of the food. Both the rice were served warm and moist, and paired well with the cold crunchy salad, raw marinated fishes and toasted almonds. The White Rice in one of our bowls was actually sushi rice where Japanese short-grain rice was cooked with vinegar. For the poké, despite them being marinated, the marinade did not overshadow the original taste and freshness of the tuna and salmon. With such a nice ambiance, company and food, we slowly savored our lunch while chatting away. In between, the server came over to refill our water twice, without being requested to.

After spending about nearly an hour at the restaurant, we took our leave. It was one of the best lunches we have had since we started writing reviews. We would give the quality of food at Aloha Poke a 5/5, their value for money a 5/5 (considering the 1-for-1 offer we received using The Entertainer app), their impeccable service a 5/5, and ambiance a 5/5. We highly recommend anyone at Changi Airport looking for a healthy lunch or dinner to try Aloha Poke.

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