Where-to Guides for Singapore

Your best where-to guides for Singapore, objectively researched, selected and compiled by Singaporeans. Find out the best services in Singapore, the best products, the most positively reviewed beauty and healthcare items in Singapore, etc. We are aggressively expanding the categories and will release a major update soon. 

Check out the list of pasar malam 2023 / 2024 in Singapore with locations, operating dates, opening hours and stalls available. Past, ongoing and upcoming bazaars in 2023 and 2024 are all compiled conveniently for your reference.
List of latest fixed deposit rates in Singapore offered by banks and financial institutions. Learn about the requirements, tenure, penalties and things to look out for before placement.
Check out the list of Getai 2023 / 2024 in Singapore all year round and during Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Nine Emperor Gods Festival and other special occasions with schedule, locations, addresses and timings.
Learn where to find the best short term accommodation and short term rental in Singapore when your house is under renovation, before your BTO is completed, for urgent move out or when you just need a months long stay in Singapore.
List of activities for kids and teenagers this 2023 year end school holidays in Singapore: carnivals, theatric experiences, anime & comics expos, musicals, exhibitions, book fairs, Christmas light-up and more.
Discover the hawker stalls, hawker centres, food courts, coffee shops, and canteens where you can receive a $3 cashback by using DBS PayLah! There is no minimum spend required, and the promotion is valid every Friday until 19 January 2024.
Learn how to enter Johor Bahru land checkpoints via automated gates (e-gates) to skip the long queues at the manual immigration counters. You will need to follow the steps such as submitting MDAC before your trip.
Discover where to celebrate Deepavali (Diwali) and its activities in Singapore: Little India light-up, festive shopping, cultural performances, tradition workshops, temples prayers, dine with family & more.

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