How to go to Kusu Island from Singapore mainland? Kusu Travel Guide 2024

How to travel to Kusu Island from Singapore
A complete guide for a visit or pilgrimage to Kusu Island. Learn about the island's opening hours, where to take a ferry, ferry schedule, ticket prices and more.

Where is Kusu Island? Why visit Kusu Island?

Kusu Island (also known as Tortoise Island 龟屿岛 in Chinese Hokkien dialect) lies 5.6km south of mainland Singapore. It is a Singapore territory.

With a size of only 85,000 square metres and approximately 600 metres wide, the tiny island houses a Tua Pek Kong (龟屿大伯公宫) Chinese temple, three Malay Datuk Gong (拿督公 Na Tok Gong) keramats or shrines atop a 152-step hill, a picturesque pavilion, a hawker centre, a jetty, two lagoons with shelters along the beach, and a public toilet with outdoor shower facility.

It takes no more than 1 hour for a person to completely tour the island. Visitors and tourists tend to visit Kusu Island together with Lazarus Island and St John Island.

Best time to visit Kusu Island (Kusu Praying Season)

Kusu Island is open to public all year round. Tourists can visit the island all year round as part of the tour to the adjacent St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island.

The best time to visit Kusu Island is in the ninth month of the Chinese lunar Calendar during the Kusu Pilgrimage. In 2024, the Kusu Pilgrimage will take place from 3 October 2024 to 31 October 2024. The ferry service hours to the island will be extended and hawker centre on the island will operate during this period.

Kusu Island Weather

Same as mainland Singapore, Kusu Island enjoys a tropical climate that is typically warm and humid throughout the year.

While the weather remains pleasantly balmy for most of the year, visitors should be aware of the occasional short, heavy rainfall that can occur, especially during the monsoon season. 

For those planning a trip to Kusu Island, it is recommended to prepare sunscreen, lightweight clothing, an umbrella, and plenty of water.

Where and how to take a ferry to Kusu Island?

The ferry to Kusu Island departs from the Marina South Pier, located near to the iconic Gardens By The Bay. You can reach the ferry terminal by taking a MRT train on the North-South Line (Red line) to (NS28) Marina South Pier station and exit from Exit B. 

Marina South Pier / Marina South Ferry Terminal

  • Address: 31 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018988 [Map]
Ferry tickets can be purchased from the Singapore Island Cruise ticket booth onsite at the Marina South Pier terminal, or Singapore Island Cruise’s website prior to your visit. The ticket prices and ferry schedule are as follows:
Ticket Price / Per Person (SGD)AdultChild (1-12 years)
Ferry to St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island – Weekdays, Weekends & Public Holidays (1 Jan – 2 Oct 2024 & 1 Nov – 31 Dec 2024) 15 12
Ferry to Kusu Island during the pilgrimage season – Weekdays (3 – 31 Oct 2024)1612
Ferry to Kusu Island during the pilgrimage season – Weekends & Public Holidays (3 – 31 Oct 2024)

The trip from Marina South Pier to Kusu Island will take around 1 hour if it includes a drop-off at St. John’s Island. Direct ferry shuttle between the two terminals will take around 30 minutes.

Ferry Timing / TripMarina South Pier – St John’s IslandSt John’s Island – Kusu IslandKusu Island – Marina South Pier
Weekends & Public Holidays9:00am

* This trip will skip Kusu Island and return to Marina South Pier directly.
Note: The last ferry from Kusu Island back to Marina South Pier during the Kusu Pilgrimage is 7:00pm (subject to change, do confirm with the ferry operator).  

Things to do on Kusu Island

Beyond its significance as a place of deep religious reverence where devotees come to offer incense, pay their respects, and engage in solemn prayers at the temple and shrine, Kusu Island unfolds as a hidden gem of serene natural beauty.

Here, the island’s pristine beach invite visitors to enjoy a multitude of leisurely activities. Whether it’s unwinding in a tranquil oasis, enjoying a leisurely picnic, taking a refreshing swim in the water, or exploring the underwater world through snorkeling adventures, Kusu Island caters to a diverse range of recreational desires.

Moreover, its unique vantage point offers a captivating backdrop for capturing breathtaking photographs, where the Singaporean skyline provides a striking contrast to the island’s unspoiled beauty.

Food and precaution

Kusu Island’s hawker centre is its only food outlet. It opens for one month a year during the pilgrimage season. Visitors are welcome to bring their own food for consumption or picnic.

However, do note that staying overnight or camping is not allowed on Kusu Island. Pets are also not allowed on the island.

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