Sengkang Grand Mall: What to eat, shop and directory

Sengkang Grand Mall
Find out what to eat and shop at Sengkang Grand Mall, located just beside Buangkok MRT. Discover its unique features and browse the shop directory.

Sengkang Grand Mall

Sengkang Grand Mall is a newly developed shopping centre located in Buangkok, situated just beside Buangkok MRT. It opened its doors to the public in March 2023 and has quickly become a popular destination for residents in Buangkok. The mall is owned and managed by Capitaland.

Features & Highlights

One of the key features of Sengkang Grand Mall is its wide range of dining and shopping options. The mall houses over 100 retail stores spread across three floors, making it the largest shopping centre in Baungkok area. Shoppers can find everything from well-known brands to more affordable options for everyday shopping.

In addition to its shopping options, the development also offers a diverse range of dining options. There are over 40 restaurants and cafes, including local favorites like Old Chang Kee, as well as international chains like McDonald’s and Ippudo. The mall also has a non-air-conditioned hawker centre with a variety of options for those looking for a quick and affordable meal.

Sengkang Grand Mall is also an integrated development with childcare centre, Buangkok community club and Sengkang Grand Residences. 

Shop Directory: What to Eat and Shop

While some of the shops at the mall, including the hawker centre, have yet to open, there are still plenty of reasons to visit. Don’t let the closures deter you from exploring the other exciting offerings available, and be sure to keep an eye out for the new shops set to open in the near future.

Below are the dining options that are worth trying:

  • Japanese and Korean food
    • Tokyo Shokudo
    • Sukiya
    • Sushi Express
    • Tsujiri 
    • Ippudo 
    • Jinjja Chicken 
  • Chinese food and hotpot
    • Le Shrimp Ramen
    • Qin Ji Rougamo
    • Xiang Xiang Hunan Cuisine
    • City Hot Pot (旺爐)

Additionally, there are various options available to fulfill your daily necessities, which you can conveniently shop from below:

  • Groceries, accessories and pharmacies
    • Fairprice Finest
    • Kim Able Household
    • Guardian
    • Watsons
    • Challenger Mobile
  • Baby products
    • Mothercare
    • Uniqlo
    • Bata
    • Bossini
    • Baleno

If you are a family with kids, you may want to consider exploring the outlets below, which offers various programmes and courses to help children excel academically and creatively.

  • Tuition and enrichment centres
    • AGrader Learning Centre Household
    • MindChamps PreSchool
    • NK Robotics
    • Stalford Learning Centre
    • The Entertainer
    • The Eton Academy
    • Sparkle
    • The Ballet and Music Company
    • Tree Art

The hawker centre, officially known as Buangkok Hawker Center, is slated to open on 30 November 2023. While not all stalls will be ready during its opening, shoppers will now have more food choices on top of the restaurants in the mall.

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