List of Malay Concerts in Singapore (2024)

List of Malay Concerts in Singapore
Check out the list of upcoming Malay concerts in Singapore by artistes and bands from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

For enthusiasts and music lovers eager to explore the vibrant world of Malay concerts in Singapore, look no further.

This article includes the latest and most comprehensive list of Malay concerts in Singapore, spotlighting a diverse lineup of artists originating from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

Bagi peminat dan pencinta muzik yang tidak sabar-sabar untuk menerokai dunia konsert Melayu di Singapura, jangan tercari-cari lagi.

Artikel ini mengandungi senarai konsert Melayu terkini dan paling komprehensif di Singapura oleh artis dari Singapura, Malaysia, Indonesia dan Brunei.

8 Jun 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 78

Judika Sihotang Concert 2024 Singapore is set to take place on 8 June 2024 at The Star Theatre. The show is expected to include both all-time hits and recent releases from the award-winning Indonesian actor-singer's 3-decade music career including "Aku Yang Tersakiti", "Jadi Aku Sebentar Saja", "Jikalau Kau Cinta", "Ingkar Janji" and more.

28 Jun 2024 - 29 Jun 2024

SGD 88

Siti Nurhaliza Concert 2024 Singapore will be held from 28 - 29 June 2024 at The Star Theatre. Themed 'Fenomena', the 80-minute show is expected to showcase both recent releases from the award-winning Malaysian singer-songwriter's 'Sitism', 'Legasi', 'ManifestaSITI2020' studio albums and all-time fan favourites such as 'Buka Cinta Biasa', 'Aku Cinta Padumu', 'Purnama Merindu' and more.

20 Jul 2024 @ 7:45pm

SGD 48

Hady Mirza Concert 2024 Singapore is set to take place on 20 July 2024 at Mediacorp Theatre. Titled "Journey", this show will feature Pop and R&B tracks from the 2006 Singapore Idol winner and Singaporean singer's 18-year music career. Accompanied by the Raw Energy Band, Hady will take concertgoers on a nostalgic trip, performing chart-topping hits from his albums "Hady Mirza", "Sang Penyanyi" and more.

27 Jul 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 68

AWIE Concert 2024 Singapore will be held on 27 July 2024 at The Star Theatre. Titled "AWIE Solitario Journey", the show marks the end to the renowned Malaysian singer’s distinguished 30-year music career as a solo artiste. Following this event, the singer is set to rejoin the celebrated Malaysian rock group, Wings. The concert is set to deliver a night brimming with his well-loved classics, including "Nur Nilam Sari", "Iris (ai-ris)", "Bara", "Alif Ba Ta Duniaku", among others.

28 Sep 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 78

Ziana Zain Concert 2024 Singapore will take place on 28 September 2024 at The Star Theatre. The renowned Malaysian actress-singer will enchant the Singapore stage, delivering an electrifying setlist of songs from her illustrious 35-year musical journey. Expect chart-topping hits such as "Kemelut Di Muara Kasih", "Putus Terpaksa", "Madah Berhelah" and "Berpisah Jua" in this exclusive one-night event.

12 Oct 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 99

New Boyz Concert 2024 Singapore is slated to take place on 12 October 2024 at the Singapore Expo. Marking 25 years of their musical journey, the illustrious Malay rock band is gearing to electrify the Singaporean audience with a concert showcasing their greatest hits of all time. The show will feature a lineup of 30 timeless hits, including fan favorites such as "Meraung", "Sejarah Mingung Berulang", "Marah Bukan Sifatku", "Hiasan Di Laman Rindu" and "Hanya Tinggal Sejarah".

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