Visa guides and tips in Singapore to avoid delays and ensure a smooth experience, including how to apply for visa, where to apply for visa, application process, requirements, etc.:
Learn how to enter Johor Bahru land checkpoints via automated gates (e-gates) to skip the long queues at the manual immigration counters. You will need to follow the steps such as submitting MDAC before your trip.
[Updated Jan 2023] Your complete post-COVID Thailand travel guide. Learn how to go to Bangkok from Singapore, including whether the proof of vaccination is needed etc.
Learn how to go to Batam, Bintan and Bali from Singapore. Know the COVID travel and entry requirements, flights and ferry transport options and what to prepare prior to your trip.
Step-by-step guide to create a MySejahtera account and upload overseas vaccination certificate and status before entering Malaysia.
Learn how to go to JB from Singapore in the post-COVID era. Know the immigration entry requirements, private and public transport options, and time to travel to avoid queues at the customs.
China Visa Category F is issued to those applying for exchanges, visits, study tours and other similar activities to China.
[Updated 2023] Guide on how to apply China Visa in Singapore. Read the steps to make sure that you have all the supporting documents ready and make an appointment online.

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