How to apply China Visa in Singapore (2024)

Where to apply China Visa in Singapore
[Updated 2024] Guide on how to apply China Visa in Singapore. Read the steps to make sure that you have all the supporting documents ready and make an appointment online.

Step-by-step guide to apply China Visa

Applying for a visa can be troublesome. The step-by-step guide on how to apply China Visa in Singapore below provides detailed instructions on how to apply for China Visa the hassle-free way:

  1. Prepare your China Visa supporting documents
  2. Fill in the China Visa online application form
  3. Make appointment online
  4. Attend your appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center
  5. Make payment and collect your passport

1. Prepare your China Visa supporting documents

This is the most troublesome process in applying for a China Visa. Once this process is completed, the rest will be a breeze.

The documents you need to prepare include:

  • Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and with blank pages for the Visa. If you are using a completely new passport or unused passport, you will need to bring your previous passport too.
  •  A coloured copy of the passport details and photo page.
  • Proof of legal stay or residence status for non-Singaporeans such as Re-entry permit(form 7), WP, EP, STP, DP or SVP.
  • Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas (only for former Chinese citizens who have now obtained other citizenship).
  • For those wanting to apply for a tourist visa (visa L), you will also need to prepare copies of your air tickets and hotel reservations. They will verify the name in your passport against the name in the air ticket.
  • For those wanting to apply for study tours (visa F), commerce and trade (visa M), visiting relatives residing in China (visa Q), visiting relatives working or studying in China (visa S), employment (visa Z), transit (visa G), crew member (visa C), student (visa X), introduced talent (visa R), journalist (visa J) or permanent residence (visa D), you will also require an invitation letter issued by a relevant entity or individual in China.

China Visa photo requirements

  • A recent 6 months color passport photo
  • Bare-head and full face against a white background
  • Size: 48mm x 33mm
  • Full requirements can be found here. Just let the person at the photo-taking shop know you are preparing for China Visa.

2. Fill in the China Visa Online Application Form

  • Fill in the online application form here. First, agree to the terms and conditions, select your location, and choose Option A when in doubt. (online application link is currently down, please use the PDF form below)
  • Information needed includes your personal information such as education and employment, family members and their occupations, hotel address in China, last China Visa date and place (if any) and countries visited in the last 12 months.
  • Once completed, save and print out the application form.
  • You may also click here to download the PDF application form.

3. Make Appointment Online

Always make an appointment before going down to the service center to skip the long waiting queue.

  • Make your appointment here at least 3 days in advance. The appointment comes in a block of 30 minutes and time slots are available from 9 AM to 3 PM from Mondays to Fridays, excluding Singapore’s public holidays and China’s National Day holidays. (online appointment link is currently down)
  • Print out the appointment slip before attending the appointment.
  • If you need to change the date and time or modify your appointment, manage your appointment here and reprint your appointment slip. You will need your appointment number and passport number.
  • Walk in to the service center without online appointment is possible. However, it is advisable not to do so as there may be long queue. 

4. Attending your appointment at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center

The address of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Singapore is 80 Robinson Road, #16-01/02/02A, Singapore 068898. It is located just diagonally opposite Lau Pa Sat, opposite Sofitel So and beside Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. The nearest MRT stations are Raffles Place MRT, Tanjong Pagar MRT, Telok Ayer MRT and Downtown MRT stations. If you are lost, just ask any of the friendly CBD workers.

Once you reach the service center, you will see a long queue. Don’t hesitate, join the queue even if you have made appointments beforehand. The receptionist will go through your supporting documents to make sure that your documents are complete before issuing you a queue ticket. Let her know that you have made an appointment and show her the appointment slip. She will issue a priority queue ticket.

When your queue number is called, proceed to the counter and submit your queue ticket, application form, supporting documents, photo, and your passport. The staff will go through everything and if nothing is wrong, you will be given a collection slip with the collection date. You will only need to make payment during the collection.

5. Make payment and collect your passport

You may collect your passport anytime between 9 AM to 4 PM on the collection date. Bring your collection slip.

Do not join the long queue this time. Go to the right side of the counter. Once the receptionist sees your collection slip, she will issue you a queue number. Proceed to the counter when your queue number is called. Payment options available are cash and NETS.

Congratulations! You just got your China Visa!

What is China Visa Processing Time?

For regular service, the processing time is 4 working days. The 4 working days is calculated from the day you submitted your application form, supporting documents and your passport at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center. It is the first working day, followed by 2 working days and you may collect your passport during the 4th working days.

Please always make your application earlier to take into account unforeseen delays and circumstances. It is advisable to start your application about 1 month before your travel.

There are also express service (3 working days) and rush service (2 working days) for urgent or last-minute applications.

What is the China Visa Processing Fee?

China Visa processing fee varies depending on the visa type you are applying for, the passport you are holding and the place you are applying. It is generally cheaper to apply in your home country.

If you are applying for China Visa outside your home country, a third country rate will apply. If you are holding certain passports such as the US and Canada, you may need to pay more than the third country rate.

  • Singapore Chinese Visa Application Service Center:
    • Processing fee ranges from SGD 80 to 360.
    • Full schedule of fees here.
  • Kuala Lumpur/ Penang/ Kuching Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from RM 105 to 755.
    • Full schedule of fees here.
  • Jakarta/ Surabaya Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from Rupiah 540,000 to 250,000.
  • Melbourne/ Brisbane/ Sydney/ Canberra/ Perth Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from AUD 109.5 to 318.
    • Full schedule of fees here.
  • Seoul/ Busan/ Gwangju/ Jeju Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from Korean Won 46,000 to 260,000.
    • Full schedule of fees here.
  • Bangkok Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from Baht 1650 to 7700.
    • Full schedule of fees here.
  • Tokyo/ Osaka/ Nagoya Chinese Visa Application Service Center
    • Processing fee ranges from Yen 8,000 to 30,000.
    • Full schedule of fees here.

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