How to enter JB using e-gates for Singaporeans? (2024)

Electronic Gates (e-Gates) Application - Singaporeans can now use automated gates to enter Malaysia
Learn how to enter Johor Bahru land checkpoints via automated gates (e-gates) to skip the long queues at the manual immigration counters. You will need to follow the steps such as submitting MDAC before your trip.

What are the requirements to use the e-gates to enter Johor land checkpoints from Singapore?

On 20 January 2023, Malaysia announced that the electronic gates at the two land entry points at the Causeway and Tuas are now open for use by Singaporeans as part of the Malaysia Automated Clearance System 2.0 (MACS 2.0) Initiative. This is one of the immediate measures to relief congestion at the world’s busiest land crossing between Singapore and Johor Bahru.

While many Singaporeans rejoice at the convenience this policy can bring them, there are several criteria to be eligible for the expedited immigration process at the JB customs via the MACS 2.0 initiative:

  • Singapore Citizens
  • E-passport (biometric passport) with at least 3 months validity
  • Minimum height of 120cm
  • Submission of Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) at least 3 days prior to arrival in Malaysia
  • Already enrolled to use the Malaysia Immigration e-gate. If it is your first entry after submitting MDAC, you will need to go to the manual counter for a one-time verification. Subsequently, you can use the e-gate directly but you will still need to submit MDAC 3 days in advance prior to each visit.

As you can see, you will only need to submit MDAC and get it verified at the immigration manual counter on your first visit to JB to use the Malaysia customs e-gates. However, it may not work every time. Read more below:

Photos via Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Immigration Department of Malaysia) / Website

How to submit Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC)?

Follow the steps below to easily submit the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC):

  1. Get your personal information ready such as name, nationality, passport info, email address and a valid phone number
  2. Know your date or arrival and date or departure
  3. Submit online via this link (Submission must be within 3 days from your trip. If your arrival date to Malaysia falls on 14 May, the earliest you can submit is 12 May.) 
  4. Confirm your eligibility to use the E-gates here (Status update may be delayed.)

How to clear custom via e-gates for subsequent visits?

On your first entrance into JB after registering for MDAC and after the one-time verification at the immigration manual counter, you will be able to

  • Use the e-gates for this visit’s exit to Singapore
  • Use the e-gates for all your subsequent entries and exits when you submit MDAC 3 days prior to your departure

However, we have received reports that some of the e-gates machines may not be working properly for Singaporean passports. If you happen to encounter one of those machines, you may either queue at the manual counter or re-queue at one of the other machines.

Luckily, the queues at e-gates clear pretty fast. This is a huge advantage for frequent visitors to Malaysia via Johor Bahru.

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