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Joy Luck Teahouse - Egg Tart
Joy Luck Teahouse (JLT) is a mini Hong Kong-style Cafe known for eclectic and affordable snacks for people from all walks of life. It brings together the best iconic brands from Hong Kong’s food culture.

Joy Luck Teahouse Locations & Outlets 歡樂冰室

Joy Luck Teahouse offers the three famous culinary treasures of Hong Kong — egg tarts, pineapple buns and milk tea — which are on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong list. The teahouse is the newest F&B venture by legendary TV producer Robert Chua, who was responsible for bringing Tim Ho Wan and Kam’s Roast to Singapore.

The brand currently has 7 outlets in Singapore (as of December 2021):

  1. Chinatown – (Chinatown) 274 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058823
  2. Ion Orchard – (Orchard) 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-61, Singapore 238801
  3. Bugis Junction – (Bugis) 200 Victoria Street, #B1-K25, Singapore 188021
  4. Parkway Parade (Food Republic) – (Dakota) 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-85 to 87, Singapore 449269
  5. Sun Plaza – (Sembawang) 30 Sembawang Drive, #01-13, Singapore 757713
  6. Junction 8 – (Bishan) 9 Bishan Place, #B1-03, Singapore 579837
  7. Plaza Singapura – (Dhoby Ghaut) 68 Orchard Road, #B2-26, Singapore 238839

Joy Luck Teahouse Menu

Below are its menu items and prices:


  • Egg Tart (Hoover) (Cookie skin) 蛋撻(豪華)(牛油皮) – $2.30
  • Egg Tart (Hoover) (Pastry skin) 蛋撻(豪華)(酥皮) – $2.30
  • Box of 4 – Mixed Egg Tart (2 Cookie + 2 Pastry) 1盒4粒蛋挞 (2 牛油皮 + 2 酥皮)- $9.20
  • Pineapple Bun (Kam Kee) (Original) 菠蘿包 (金記) 原味- $2.20
  • Pineapple Bun (Kam Kee) (Butter) 菠蘿包 (金記) 牛油 – $3.00
  • Pineapple Bun (Kam Kee) (Luncheon Meat) 菠蘿餐包 (金記) 午餐肉 – $3.00
  • Pineapple Bun (Kam Kee) (Kaya) 菠蘿咖椰醬包 (金記) 
  • – $2.70
  • Golden Salted Egg Crust Bolo Bun 鹹蛋菠蘿包 – $3.20
  • HK Curry Fish Ball (Tak Hing) 香港咖哩魚蛋 (德興) – $4.80
  • HK Cheong Fun (peanuts & sesame) 香港腸粉(原味) – $3.80
  • HK Cheong Fun (Hae Bee Hiam) 香港腸粉(乾貝蝦米香)- $4.80
  • Carat French Gold Flakes Egg Tart (Cookie/Pastry) 22K法國金箔蛋撻 (牛油皮/酥皮) – $6.00
  • Box of 4 – 22 Carat French Gold Flakes Egg Tart (Cookie/Pastry) 金箔蛋撻 (牛油皮/酥皮) 1盒4粒 – $22.80
  • Box of 6 – 22 Carat French Gold Flakes Egg Tart (Cookie/Pastry) 金箔蛋撻 (牛油皮/酥皮) 1盒6粒 – $28.80
  • Collagen Egg Tart (Cookie/Pastry) 膠原蛋撻 (牛油皮/酥皮) – $2.80
  • Box of 4 – Collagen Egg Tart (Cookie/Pastry/Mixed) 膠原蛋撻  1盒4粒 (牛油皮/酥皮/2 牛油皮 + 2 酥皮) – $11.20
  • Crispy Condensed Milk Bun 奶油豬 – $2.80


  • HK Milk Tea (Kam Kee)  香港奶茶 (金記) – (Hot 熱) $3.50 (Cold 冷) $3.80
  • HK Milk Tea with Collagen 膠原香港奶茶 – (Hot 熱) $4.50 (Cold 冷) $4.80
  • HK Bubble Milk Tea (Pearl of the Orient) 香港珍珠奶茶 – (Cold 冷) $4.80
  • HK Bubble Milk Tea with Collagen (Pearl of the Orient) 膠原香港珍珠奶茶 – (Cold 冷) $5.80
  • Ginger Milk Tea 姜奶茶 – (Hot 熱) $4.30
  • Almond Milk Tea 杏仁奶茶 – (Hot 熱) $4.30
  • Yin Yang 鴛鴦 – (Hot 熱) $3.50 (Cold 冷) $3.80
  • Milo Yin Yang 美祿鴛鴦 – (Hot 熱) $4.30 (Cold 冷) $4.60
  • Milo Yin Yang (Bottled) 美祿鴛鴦(瓶裝)- (Cold 冷) $4.90
  • Lemon Ginger Coke 热薑檸樂 – (Hot 熱) $4.80
  • 8 Treasure Tea 八寶茶 – (Hot 熱) $3.80


  • Collagen 加膠原蛋白 – $1.00
  • Pearl 加珍珠 – $1.00

Joy Luck Teahouse Review (Chinatown)

Joy Luck Teahouse’s flagship store in Chinatown is located at a shophouse right next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Unlike its other outlets that are located in malls directly linked to the MRT stations, this outlet is a distance from the nearest MRT station. There is also no shelter for part of the walking journey between the station and the store. As it was drizzling on our visit, we got a little wet after walking for about 15 minutes from Chinatown MRT. 

Upon arriving at the outlet on a Sunday evening, we were welcomed by the strong aroma of the tarts. There were no customers and only 2 staffs at the store. We proceeded to order a set of Cookie Skin Egg Tart ($2.30) and HK Milk Tea ($3.50) and were served promptly.

As its brand name includes the word “teahouse”, we had assumed it to be a place for friends to gather to have tea. In reality, it is a solely take-away stall with no dining area, not even countertop seats. Given the surprise, we took our order and went to the side of the building to consume our tart and tea while they were still hot.

The milk tea was smooth, aromatic, and tasted very much like the pantyhose tea from the tea houses (茶餐廳) in Hong Kong. The cookie crust was buttery and savory with a tint of sweetness, which paired well with the soft and creamy egg custard on top. It was one of the best egg tarts we have had so far. We highly recommend everyone to try their egg tarts!

In summary, we give its food quality a 5/5 and value-for-money a 3.5/5 (we lowered our rating due to the HK milk tea as we find it is too pricey for a take-away stall). Their service was typical of any confectionary shop, and taking into consideration the not-so-prime location and store environment without seats, we give their customer experience a 3.5/5. 

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