Boat Noodle Express

Boat Noodle Express - Beef Special Soup - Close Up
Boat Noodle Express is a small outfit that serves authentic Thai Boat Noodles, Pork Leg Rice, and assortment of Thai snacks like Fish Cakes, Spring Rolls and more. Its signature boat noodles are served in herbal broths accompanied by either beef or pork.

Boat Noodle Express Locations & Outlets

Thai boat noodles ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ originated from Thailand in the early twentieth century where paddlers would serve the simple dish on their small boats as they traversed through the canals. Boat Noodle Express offers this staple dish together with other side dishes to diners craving for Thai food in Singapore.

The brand currently operates 2 outlets (as of March 2022) as follows :

  1. Rivervale Plaza – (Sengkang) 118 Rivervale Drive #K1-26/27, Singapore 540118
  2. Sim Lim Square – (Rocher) 1 Rochor Canal Road #01-06, Singapore 188504

Boat Noodle Express Menu

Below are its menu items and prices:


  • Pork Special Soup – $6.80
  • Pork Dry – $6.80
  • Pork TomYum Soup / Dry – $8.00
  • Signature Pork Leg Noodle – $8.50
  • Beef Special Soup – $7.50
  • Beef Dry – $7.50
  • Beef TomYum Soup / Dry – $8.80
  • Beef Tendon Soup / Dry – $8.80
  • Small Tasting Bowl – $1.90
    • Pork Soup/Dry
    • Beef Soup/Dry
  • Choice of Noodle Types
    • Glass Noodle
    • Mee Kia (Egg Noodle)
    • Kway Tiao
    • Bee Hoon
    • Tang Hoon
  • Spicy Level
    • No Spicy
    • Less Spicy
    • Normal Spicy
    • Extra Spicy
  • Add Meats – $2.00
  • Add Balls – $2.00
  • Add Noodles – $1.00


  • Our Noodle (Dry) and TomYum Noodles contain peanuts


  • Mini Fish Wantons – $5.50
  • Thai Fish Cakes – $4.90
  • Crispy Chicken Wings – $6.90
  • Crispy Fish Skins – $4.90
  • Crispy Spring Rolls – $5.90
  • Thai Imported Pork Crackling – $4.90
  • Thai Imported Beef Balls – $6.80
  • Thai Imported Pork Balls – $6.50
  • Signature Pork Leg – $11.00
  • Beef Tendon Slices – $12.00
  • Homemade Pork Lard – $3.90
  • Boiled Kang Kong – $1.90
  • Boiled Beansprout – $1.90


  • Signature Thai Iced Milk Tea – $3.50
  • Thai Iced Green Tea – $3.50
  • Thai Iced Red Hale – $3.30
  • Iced Milo – $3.00
  • Iced Coffee – $3.00
  • Soft Drinks – $1.80
  • Mineral Water – $1.60
  • Hot Coffee – $2.80
  • Hot Tea – $2.80
  • Hot Milo – $2.80

Boat Noodle Express Review (Sim Lim Square)

Boat Noodle Express at Sim Lim Square is located at the exterior of the building, with a frontage facing Rochor Canal Road (Sim Lim Tower). It is a humble outfit that we estimate could accommodate up to 15 people at the maximum. We made a booking via Eatigo with 50% off for 3:30pm on a Saturday. As we initially thought their stall was situated inside the building, we made a round in the mall only to find locate it outside the building and near to the taxi stand.

As we approached the outlet, we noticed the restaurant was almost empty except for a family sitting at one table waiting for their food. We went forward to the cashier to have a better look at the menu while waiting for someone to attend to us. It was then that we saw a cook preparing the food in the kitchen. He noticed us at the cashier and told us to wait while he continued to prepare the food. We continued browsing their short menu for another 10 minutes before he served the family their food and came back over to the cashier take our order.

We ordered a Beef Special Soup with Glass Noodle ($7.50), a Pork Special Soup with Glass Noodle ($6.80), and requested them to be less spicy. Subsequently, we settled down at a table just outside the outlet. Our food was served after another 10-minute wait.

As the noodles were served by the all rounded Thai cook-cum-cashier-cum-server, we noticed that both dishes appeared nearly identical, with only the difference that the Pork soup was clearer than the Beef soup. Skipping the condiments which our Thai friends and colleagues would usually add to the noodles, we took no time in tasting both bowls of noodles as they were. 

The glass noodles (known as tang hoon in Singapore) were bouncy and chewy, and the meatballs tasted very close to those we had in Thailand. While the soups for both dishes were savory and paired well with the other ingredients, the Beef Special Soup came with an rich beef and herbal taste. For those into soups, we highly recommend in trying their beef soup.

In summary, we enjoyed the late lunch. We give the quality of their food a 3.8/5, their value-for-money a 3.5/5 (with Eatigo’s 50% discount), their service a 3.5/5 and their dining environment a 3.5/5. While both bowls of noodles were good and the meat and meatballs resembled those we tasted in Thailand, their soups have been accustomed to local tastes. As such, those who are seeking authentic Thai taste of boat noodles may be a little disappointed. Also, if we were to pay their original price without discount, we find it to be on the high side and does not commensurate with its slightly off location, long waiting time, and coffeeshop-like dining environment. 

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19 Apr 2024 - 26 May 2024

SGD 80

20 Apr 2024 - 21 Apr 2024

SGD 178

20 Apr 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 88

21 Apr 2024 @ 4:30am

SGD 55

23 Apr 2024 - 26 Apr 2024


25 Apr 2024 - 28 Apr 2024

SGD 32.70