Chicken Hotpot

Chicken Hotpot - Fish in a pot
Chicken Hotpot originates from Shanghai and serves Chinese dishes such as Chicken Hotpot and preserved pickled vegetable fish dish.

Chicken Hotpot Locations & Outlets

Chicken Hotpot is a franchise concept originating from Shanghai, China. There are five flavours of hot pot – Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Fish & Chicken Pork Tripe – which are savoured first as a claypot style dish, followed by adding broth to turn it into a mini steamboat. In Singapore, Chicken Hotpot has 3 outlets (as of October 2021):

  • Novena Square 2 – (Novena) 10 Sinaran Drive, #04-01, Singapore 307506
  • Compass One – (Sengkang) 1 Sengkang Square, #B1-34, Singapore 545078
  • Bedok Point – (Bedok) 799 New Upper Changi Road, #02-35/36, Singapore 467351

Chicken Hotpot Menu

Below are its menu items and prices:

  • Chicken Hot Pot 鸡公煲 (Small) – $19.80
  • Chicken Hot Pot 鸡公煲 (Medium) – $23.80
  • Chicken Hot Pot 鸡公煲 (Large) – $28.80
  • Scandalously Spicy Shrimp 香辣虾 (Small) – $20.80
  • Scandalously Spicy Shrimp 香辣虾 (Large) – $29.80
  • Beef Behemoth 牛魔王 (Small) – $20.80
  • Beef Behemoth 牛魔王 (Large) – $29.80
  • Fish in a Pot 酸菜鱼 (Small) – $20.80
  • Fish in a Pot 酸菜鱼 (Large) – S$29.80
  • Chicken Pork Tribe Hotpot 猪肚鸡煲 (Small) – $17.80
  • Chicken Pork Tribe Hotpot 猪肚鸡煲 (Large) – $25.80

Cold Drinks 冷饮

  • Coca-cola – $2.50
  • Root Beet – $2.50
  • 7-Up – $2.50
  • Ice Lemon Tea – $2.80
  • Barley Juice – $2.80
  • Fruit Punch – $2.80
  • Tropical Lime Juice – $2.80
  • Honey Lemon – $2.80
  • Korean Yuzu Soda – $3.80
  • Peach Lychee Soda – $3.80
  • Ribena Soda – $3.80
  • Mineral Water – $1.80

Hot Drinks 热饮

  • O0long Tea – $2.00
  • Jasmine Tea – $2.00
  • Green Tea – $2.00
  • Honey Lemon – $2.80
  • Yuzu Tea – $2.80
  • Barley Juice – $2.80

Chicken Hotpot Review (Compass One)

Chicken Hotpot at Compass One is located on Basement 1 of the mall, right next to the escalators. It is a semi open concept restaurant where there is a half-body divider segregating the restaurant and the common walkway of the mall. 

We made a reservation on Eatigo with a 50% discount. We arrived at the restaurant on a weekend evening and there was one group of customers in front of us in the queue. It took about 5 minutes before a female staff attended to us. After verifying our reservation, we were then given a menu to browse. We browsed the menu for a few minutes and ordered a small Chicken Pork Tribe Hotpot ($17.80) and a small Fish in a Pot ($20.80) with two bowls of rice. We were then informed that we had to wait as the restaurant was full. We were a little surprised as we did not expect that the reservation made on Eatigo was purely administrative and no seats were actually reserved for us.

Nevertheless, we decided to go ahead to wait and we got our seats in about 10 minutes. It didn’t take long before our orders arrived. The “small” portions that we ordered were more than enough for 2 small to average eaters like us. We were also informed by the server that we can request to top-up the soup for free. 

The taste of both broths we ordered were savory and we asked for our soup to be topped up twice in this visit. The ingredients used were fresh and generous. In general, their hot pots were fine but nothing to shout about. The crew serving the food were attentive and friendly though.

Considering its average quality, we feel that the price is on the high side if we had not gotten a 50% discount from our Eatigo reservation. As such, we rate its food quality a 3/5 and value-for-money a 2/5. Their service was good, though they could employ more staff who are able to converse in English. We give a 3.5/5 for its service.

If you are keen on trying Chongqing dishes such as chicken hotpot 鸡公煲 or preserved pickled vegetables fish 酸菜鱼 (though Chicken Hotpot professes that it originates from Shanghai, their signature dishes are actually Chongqing dishes) and do not want to travel to town, you could give it a try with Eatigo’s 50% discount. For those seeking authentic and affordable Chinese food, and are not concerned with a restaurant’s location, we recommend you to try Bei Fang Ren Jia on Serangoon Road (Farrer Park MRT Station).

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