Devil Chicken

Devil Chicken 恶魔鸡排 - Original Chicken Cutlet - Jewel Changi Airport
Devil Chicken [惡魔雞排] originates from Changhua, Taiwan and serves fried chicken cutlets in Original and Spicy flavors.

Devil Chicken Locations & Outlets [惡魔雞排]

Devil Chicken [惡魔雞排] is a Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet chain that serves the popular snack in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.  It has 4 outlets spread across the island (as of January 2022):

  • Causeway Point – (Woodlands) 1 Woodlands Square, #01-K10, Singapore 738099
  • JCube – (Jurong East) 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-K10, Singapore 609731
  • Jewel Changi Airport – (Changi Airport) 78 Airport Boulevard. #B2-258, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
  • Northpoint City – (Yishun) 1 Northpoint drive, #B2, 126, Singapore 768019

Devil Chicken Menu

Below are its menu items and prices:


  • Bundle A : Chicken Cutlet + Chicken Skin OR Sea Salt Fries
    惡魔雞排 + 香脆雞皮或海盐薯條
    – $10.00
  • Bundle B : Chicken Cutlet + Sweet Potato Balls OR Truffle Fries
    惡魔雞排 + 地瓜薯球或松露薯條
    – $11.00
  • Bundle C : Chicken Cutlet + Chicken Nuggets 8pcs
    惡魔雞排 + 惡魔雞塊 8pcs
    – $13.00

Ala Carte

  • Chicken Cutlet (Original) 惡魔雞排 (原味) – $7.90
  • Chicken Cutlet (Spicy – Mild | Normal | Fiery ) 狂暴雞排 (辣味 – 小辣 | 中辣 | 大辣) – $7.90
  • Devil Nuggets 惡魔雞塊 8pcs – $6.90
  • Crispy Chicken Skin 香脆雞皮 – $3.90
  • Sweet Potato Balls 地瓜薯球 – $4.90
  • French Fries (Sea Salt) 酥脆薯條 (海盐) – $3.90
  • French Fries (Truffle) 酥脆薯條 (松露) – $4.90
  • Ice Honey Lime with Aiyu 金桔蜂蜜愛玉 – $3.00


  • A drink with any purchase – $2.00

Devil Chicken Review (Jewel Changi Airport)

Devil Chicken at Jewel Changi Airport is located on Basement 2 where the food stalls are located. While there is no dining area where one could sit down after ordering from the stalls, there are limited standing benches for patrons to have quick bites on the spot.

[August 2021]

We visited Devil Chicken’s stall on a Sunday evening and we did not see any customers when we arrived at the stall. There was only one male staff who appeared to be busy with frying the chicken. He noticed us but did not attend to us until 5 minutes later. We ordered two portions of Chicken Cutlets Original (2 x $7.90) and were then given a queue number. Our number was called in about 15 minutes and we were a little surprised when the staff handed us 2 rather big chicken legs.

We took the chicken and went to one of the the standing benches to try them. After having taken our first bite, we were a little disappointed. Apart from the huge portion and freshness given that it was fried upon order, we felt that the taste was lacking. Their chicken tasted like typical chicken wings we get from Nasi Lemak stalls in coffeeshops. For this price, we felt it might be more worthwhile to order a fried chicken meal from KFC that is located in the same zone. As such, we would rate the quality of the chicken we had a 3.5/5, its value-for-money a 2.5/5 and their service a 3/5.

[September 2021]

We were at Changi Airport and decided to patronise Devil’s Chicken again. There was no crowd when we got there. We ordered two Spicy Chicken Cutlets ($7.90) this time round and our order was ready in about 10 minutes.

Instead of having chicken legs for the “cutlets”, we got the breast meat this time round. As we took over the food, we noticed the generous chill powder sprinkled on top of them. Unlike the taste of the original version, the chicken we had this time was juicy and well marinated with a sweet taste. The chili on the hot & crispy skin adds another dimension to the chicken, making it more flavorful than before (albeit we had a few dry coughs induced by the chili powder).

Our overall experience was better this time and we give its food quality a 4/5, its value-for-money 3/5, and service 3.5/5 (we were served by a different staff who was more friendly). 

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19 Apr 2024 - 26 May 2024

SGD 80

20 Apr 2024 - 21 Apr 2024

SGD 178

20 Apr 2024 @ 8:00pm

SGD 88

21 Apr 2024 @ 4:30am

SGD 55

23 Apr 2024 - 26 Apr 2024


25 Apr 2024 - 28 Apr 2024

SGD 32.70