How-to Guides in Singapore

Your ultimate how-to guides for Singapore, carefully curated by Singaporeans. Learn how to save money in Singapore, how to navigate Singapore government services, how to start a company in Singapore, etc. 

List of latest fixed deposit rates in Singapore offered by banks and financial institutions. Learn about the requirements, tenure, penalties and things to look out for before placement.
Learn how to apply for Vehicle Entry Permit to Malaysia (VEP). It is mandatory for all foreign vehicles from 1 October 2024, including cars and motorcycles.
Learn how to go to JB from Singapore. Know the immigration entry requirements, private and public transport options, and time to travel to avoid queues at the customs.
Learn the steps and tips on waiving DBS credit card annual fee and late fee, including the minimum spending requirement for annual fee (updated 2024).
Learn how to enter Johor Bahru land checkpoints via automated gates (e-gates) to skip the long queues at the manual immigration counters. You will need to follow the steps such as submitting MDAC before your trip.
Follow these simple steps on how to waive UOB credit card annual fee or membership fee effectively!
Forgot to pay your credit card bills? Follow these steps on how to waive UOB credit card late charge fee and finance charge fee.

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