Where to buy SAF items?

Where to buy SAF items
Find out where to buy your SAF items, what SAF items you can or cannot buy from e-mart, online stores and at Army market in Beach Road - helmet cover, goggle, ID tag, goretex pouch and more.

Where to buy SAF combat ration, SAF helmet, SAF uniform, SAF ID tag, SAF boots and other SAF items?

You can buy most of the SAF items you require for your National Service (NS) or In-Camp Trainings (ICT, colloquially known as reservist) through Lifestylemart or other retail shops.

Lifestylemart or eMart, operated by ST logistics is the official channel to purchase SAF items. It is the only place where you can utilise your eMart credits, on top of other payment methods such as credit cards, DBS Paylah or cash. Find out the list of items sold at eMart and items not sold at eMart. But if you are fine with paying by cash or credit card, some of these items can also be bought via Lazada.

In addition, you can also buy some SAF items from shops such as Beach Road Army Market, Black Tactical, G Military, D&G Marketing below:

What are the items sold at SAF eMart?

SAF eMart is the official go-to place for all SAF items that we need. However, not all items are available for sale and some controlled items could only be issued by the CQ. We have compiled a list of common items that you could get from eMart below:

  • Clothing
    • Utility collar t-shirts
    • PT attire (singlets & high cut shorts)
    • Admin attire (tee shirt & basic cut shorts)
    • No. 3 uniforms (shirt, trousers, black socks)
    • No. 4 uniforms (pixalised shirt, pixalised trousers, black socks)
    • Belts & buckles
    • Name tag
    • Swimming trunk
  • Footwear
    • Running shoes & grey ankle socks
    • Combat boots insole
    • Altama combat boots / Wellco combat boots
    • No. 3 shoes
    • Garters
    • Black sandals
  • Headwear
    • Jockey cap
    • Beret (Badge backing, Insignia, Insignia plastic)
    • Helmet cover
  • Ranks
    • No. 3 ranks (Officer, Warrant Officer, MDES, Specialist, Enlistee, OCS)
    • No. 4 ranks (Officer, Warrant Officer, MDES, Specialist, Enlistee, OCS)
    • MP shoulder strap
  • Badges
    • No. 1, No. 3, No. 5 IPPT badges (Gold, Silver)
    • No. 3 service awards (5 years, 10 years)
    • No. 3 collar badges (Armour, MP, Signal, Artillery, Commando, Intelligence, Engineer, Guard, Infantry, Logistic, Manpower, Medic)
    • No. 3 marksmanship badge
    • No. 3 skill badges
      • Ammo Basic
      • Ammo Advanced
      • Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
      • Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
      • Combat Skills
      • Basic Chemical Biological Radiological Disposal (CBRD)
      • Advanced Chemical Biological Radiological Defence (CBRD)
      • Jungle Confidence Course
      • Basic Parachutist
    • No. 4 formation badges
      • 2PDF
      • 3DIV
      • 6DIV
      • 9DIV
      • Ammo
      • AMS
      • Armour
      • Army HR
      • Arty / Artillery
      • Combat Engineer
      • Commando
      • CIG / Intelligence
      • CSSCOM
      • GS
      • Guards
      • HQ Supply & Transport (HQ S&T)
      • ISG
      • JT SVC
      • MINDEF HQ
      • MED CORP
      • MES
      • MP
      • PERSCOM
      • SAFTIMI
      • Signals
      • TRADOC
      • C4
    • No. 4 IPPT badges (Gold, Silver)
    • No. 4 Qualification badges
      • Basic Military Free Fall Parachutist
      • Advanced Military Free Fall Parachutist
      • Gold Military Free Fall Parachutist
      • Master Parachutist
      • Senior Parachutist
      • Basic Chemical Biological Radiological Disposal (CBRD)
      • Advanced Chemical Biological Radiological Defence (CBRD)
      • Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
      • Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
      • Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
      • Ammo Basic
      • Ammo Advanced
      • Combat Fitness Trainer Basic (PTI Basic)
      • Combat Fitness Trainer Advanced (PTI Advanced)
      • Combat Fitness Trainer Master (PTI Master)
      • Special Operation Force (SOF)
      • Basic Diver
      • Professional Diver
      • Jungle Confidence Course
      • Combat Skills
      • Rigger
      • Paramedic
      • Safe and Courteous Driver
      • Silent Precision Drill
    • No. 4 collar badges
      • Artillery
      • Intelligence
      • Armour
      • Commado
      • Engineer
      • Guards
      • Infantry
      • Logistic
      • Medic
      • MP
      • Signal
      • Manpower
    • No. 4 marksmanship badge
    • No. 4 Singapore flag badge with green backing
    • No. 4 skills badges (Ranger, Recon, Guards)
    • Paracounseller badges
    • Clasp necktie for No. 5 dress
  • Accessories
    • SAF High filtration reusable masks
    • Insect repellent liquid spray
    • Drinking bag (water bag)
    • Camouflage cream (flat black and light green)
    • Kiwi shoe polish and brush
    • Mess tin
    • Black gloves (half fingers)
    • Pixalised bag
    • Duffel bag with wheels
    • Drinking cup
    • Ear plug
    • Pixalised field pack
    • Torchlight (flashlight)
    • FAD (First Aid Dressing)
    • ID Tag (Blank)
    • Green towerl
    • SAF foot & body powder
    • LBS / iLBV water pouch
    • SOG (Pocket knife)
    • Powder container
    • Sewing kit
    • Toggle rope
    • Green water bottle
    • Range card
    • Arc of fire sticks
    • Comms cord

What are the controlled SAF items that are not sold in eMart?

While most of the SAF items can be bought from eMarts in camp, SAFRA Punggol or The Chevrons (Note: eMart at SAFRA Mount Faber has ceased operations since 1 April 2020), items relating to the iLBV / LBS, helmets, and weapons are controlled items. These are some of the items that need to be requested from your CQ, RQ, unit or formation:

  • Ammo pouch
  • Granade pouch
  • Armour plate pouch
  • Rear pouch (for Goretex)
  • Goretex
  • Goggle

You can get these items from the eMart:

  • iLBV / LBS Rank holder
  • Water bottle pouch
  • Helmet cover

For those items that are not sold in eMarts, we learnt from unverified sources that they could be found at Army Market on Beach Road or at the army related shops in Pasir Ris. We are unsure about the authenticity of this information or if the act of selling these controlled items are legal. 

What are the SAF items sold on Lazada?

National Servicemen will be able to buy selected SAF items at Lifestylemart store on Lazada from 6 September 2022 onwards. This new sales channel will provide added convenience for NSF as well as NSMen to buy personal equipment for their trainings. There are about 20 items on sale in the initial phase and more will be progressively added.

The following are the list of SAF items that are sold on its Lazada store (as of 6 September 2022):

  • Adidas running shoes (blue & yellow)
  • New Balance running shoes
  • ASICS running shoes
  • SAF Day Bag
  • Pocket folding knife
  • Camouflage face paint (black & green)
  • Insect repellent (spray)
  • Universal ear plug
  • 3L water bag
  • Garter
  • Black socks
  • Black sandals
  • Grey training socks
  • Army polo shirt
  • Army round neck shirt
  • RSN round neck shirt
  • RSAF round neck shirt
  • Army green polyester shirt
  • High-cut running shorts
  • Green microfiber towel

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