How to waive OCBC credit card annual fee

Failed to waive your OCBC credit card annual fee? Follow these steps on how to waive OCBC credit card annual fee effectively!

Step-by-Step Guide

Can’t seem to find a way to waive your OCBC cards annual fee? You can easily do so effectively via phone banking, internet banking or mobile app for credit cards such as OCBC Titanium Rewards, OCBC Titanium, OCBC 365, OCBC Cashflo, OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo, Frank, OCBC Plus! Visa, OCBC Plus! Visa Debit, OCBC Arts, OCBC Best Denki, OCBC Platinum, etc.

Phone Banking

Follow these steps to waive your annual fee with phone banking option:

  1. Call 1800-363-3333 or (65) 6363 3333 when calling from overseas
  2. Listen to the greeting message, press 1 to skip the message
  3. When prompted, say “credit card fee waiver”
  4. Alternatively, wait for a while and press 1 for phone banking menu
  5. Press *2 to request a fee waiver
  6. Press 1 for credit card fee waiver
  7. Enter your 16 digits card number followed by the # key
  8. Press 1 to confirm
  9. Enter your mobile number
  10. Press 1 to confirm

Internet Banking

To request a waiver of your OCBC credit card’s annual fee via Internet banking, follow these steps:

  1. Login with OCBC Internet Banking
  2. Click on Customer Service tab
  3. Select “Credit card fee waiver” under Cards
  4. Select the card to request for waiver

OCBC Mobile App

Alternatively, you can also request to waive your annual fee via OCBC mobile app by following these steps:

  1. Login with OCBC SG Mobile Banking app with your access code & password or Face ID
  2. Tap on Menu button
  3. Tap on Card Services
  4. Tap on Request fee waiver
  5. Choose the relevant credit card to waive
  6. Tap on “Request for waiver” or “Next”

OCBC is very transparent when it comes to minimum annual spending required for automatic annual fee waiver. The minimum spending required is as follows:

Please note that cash-on-instalments, cash advances, bank charges and any refunded amounts are excluded from minimum spending calculation.  

  • OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC Titanium Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC 365 Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC Cashflo Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo – S$5,000
  • FRANK Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card – S$2,500 
  • OCBC Plus! Visa Debit Card – S$1,200 
  • OCBC Arts Credit Card – S$10,000
  • OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card – S$5,000
  • OCBC Platinum Credit Card – S$10,000

Source: OCBC

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