2023 Zodiac lucky colours and numbers

zodiac lucky colours and lucky numbers
Want to buy new clothes? Find out what are your lucky colours and lucky numbers in 2023 according to your zodiac sign.

What are the lucky colours and numbers for each zodiac in 2023?

If you are looking to change your clothing style or revamp your wardrobe for 2023, why not buy some new clothes according to the lucky colours for your zodiac?

Traditionally, Chinese culture believes that one will get good luck when donned in their lucky colours. Wearing new clothes in a new year also signifies a fresh new start.

Fret not even if your lucky colours of the year are not your favourite colours. Not wearing or using the lucky colours does not mean that you will get unlucky. Just go ahead and pick your favourite colours! 

The table below shows are the lucky colours and lucky numbers for each zodiac sign in 2023:

ZodiacLucky ColoursLucky Numbers
RatYellow4, 9
OxBrown, Gold, Yellow, White0, 5
TigerGreen2, 7
RabbitBlue, Green1, 6
DragonWhite4, 9
SnakeYellow0, 5
HorseRed2, 7
GoatRed2, 7
MonkeyWhite4, 9
RoosterYellow, White0, 5
DogBrown, Red, Yellow2, 7
PigBlack, Yellow1, 6

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