Where to hire dragon & lion dance services in Singapore? (2024)

Singapore Dragon Dance & Lion Dance Services
Don't know how and where to hire a dragon dance (舞龙) & lion dance in Singapore for Cai Qing (舞狮采青) or CNY 2024? Check out the list of dragon & lion dance troupes in Singapore.

What are dragon dance and lion dance? When are they usually performed?

Both dragon dance (舞龙) and lion dance (舞狮) are traditional Chinese arts commonly practiced in Asia. They are believed to bring peace, longevity, and good luck.

While dragon dance and lion dance are usually performed during festivals, it is also commonly used during opening ceremony, wedding, baby shower, or house warming to usher in good luck. 

As 2024 is the year of dragon, demand for dragon dance services is expected to increase compared to previous years.  

What is lion dance cai qing?

Cai Qing (採青), literally meaning ‘plucking the greens’, is an essential part of the lion dance where the lion is lifted up to eat the lettuce, usually hung at a higher position.

A lion dance is typically performed with Cai Qing, signifying prosperity and good luck.

Plan to hire a dragon dance or lion dance service for Chinese New Year (CNY), office and shop grand opening ceremonies, or other celebrations? 

Check out these Singapore dragon dance and lion dance troupes offering the service:

How do we make the listing?

1. We go through the list of dragon dance and lion dance troupes with an online presence.
2. We check on the list of troupes accredited by the Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation with permits to perform CNY Lion Dance and Cai Qing 2024.
3. We search through Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to confirm that they are a registered and active entity to filter out freelance troupes.
4. We visit their website and/or Facebook and shortlist those that are active and are offering lion dance services publicly in 2024.
5. We read through their Google review and Facebook reviews and filter out those that have bad ratings (below 3 out of 5).

Tian Eng Dragon and Lion Dance Centre 天鹰龙狮学院

Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre 威鹰龙狮学院

Photos via Singapore Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre 新加坡威鹰龍獅學院 / Facebook

He Xin Lion & Dragon Arts Troupe 鹤心体育会

Yi Quan Athletic Association 艺权体育会

Wenyang Sports Association (Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe) 文扬龙狮运动学会

Photos via Wenyang Sports Association (Singapore) / Facebook

HeQuan Institute of Wushu and Lion Dance 鹤权武术醒狮团

Qing Yi Kungfu Longshi Guan 擎义功夫龙狮馆

Article photo credit: Singapore Wei Eng Dragon & Lion Dance Centre

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