Li Chun 2024 Deposit Money Timetable & Traditions (2024立春)

Li Chun Deposit Money Auspicious Hours 立春存钱吉时
Find out the latest Li Chun 2024 Deposit Money Timetable and learn what is Li Chun and the traditions and culture behind Li Chun (立春)

How to celebrate Li Chun 2024?

Besides depositing money based on your zodiac sign, the best way to usher in Li Chun in 2024 is to learn about the meaning and cultures behind Lichun:

What is Li Chun?

Li Chun (立春) is the first solar term (节气) in lunar calendar. There are 12 major solar terms and 12 minor solar terms.

Li Chun signifies the start of spring and the start of a new year in Chinese culture. Hence, it is important to celebrate Li Chun to usher in the new year.

Apart from depositing money at the start of the Chinese New Year (CNY) to symbolise the constant flow of money, there are several other traditions to observe during Lichun.

When is Li Chun 2024?

In 2024, Li Chun (立春) falls on 4 February 2024 (Sunday). It is the Day 25 in the last month of Chinese lunar calendar.

Li Chun 2024 deposit money timetable based on zodiac sign

The auspicious hours to deposit money span from 5:00 pm on 4 February 2024 (Sunday) to 3:00 pm on 5 February 2024 (Monday). Each zodiac has different auspicious hours.

You can refer to the table below and head down to the nearest POSB, UOB, OCBC or other banks’ ATM to deposit money. Expect a huge crowd around lunch hours on Monday!

If you would like to avoid the queue, simply use internet banking, PayNow, PayLah or PayAnyone.

Zodiac4 Feb 2024 (Sun)5 Feb 2024 (Mon)


– 7am to 9am
– 11am to 1pm

– 5pm to 7pm

– 11pm (on 4 Feb) to 1am (on 5 Feb)
Tiger– 9pm to 11pm– 11am to 1pm

– 9pm – 11pm

– 11am to 1pm

– 1pm to 3pm


– 5pm to 7pm

– 11pm (on 4 Feb) to 1am (on 5 Feb)

– 11am to 1pm


– 5pm to 7pm


– 3am to 5am

– 11am to 1pm

– 1pm to 3pm

Goat– 9pm to 11pm

– 5am to 7am

– 11am to 1pm


– 11pm (on 4 Feb) to 1am (on 5 Feb)

– 7am to 9am

Rooster – 7am to 9am


– 3am to 5am
– 5am to 7am

– 11am to 1pm


– 3am to 5am
– 5am to 7am

– 11am to 1pm

– 1pm to 3pm

If you have more cash at hand, consider placing a fixed deposit this year. As of January 2024, the interest rate is between 3% and 3.35% per annum for a 12-month tenure.

The timeframe explained: Why are the timeframes in multiple of 2 hours?

In contemporary times, a day is commonly defined as 24 hours. However, in ancient Chinese astrology, a day is defined as 12 Earthy Branches (地支). 

Therefore, 12 Earthly Branches correspond to 24 hours, with each Earthly Branch representing 2 hours and also signifying a specific zodiac.

From the table below, you can see that a day commences at 11pm in Chinese astrology. Consequently, the period from 11 pm (on 4 Feb) to 1 am (on 5 Feb) falls within the date of 5 Feb.

BranchTimeframeCorresponding Zodiac
11pm – 1amRat
1am – 3amOx
3am – 5amTiger
5am – 7amRabbit
7am – 9amDragon
9am – 11amSnake
11am – 1pmHorse
1pm – 3pmGoat
3pm – 5pmMonkey
5pm – 7pmRooster
7pm – 9pmDog
9pm – 11pmPig

Other Li Chun traditions and their importance

1. Erect the eggs

You will see many people try to erect the eggs during Li Chun. 

The act of erecting the eggs is known as “Li” or 立 in Chinese. It is believed that when you successfully “Li” the eggs, you will be blessed with good luck for the whole year. 

2. Eat springrolls

As Li Chun signifies the start of spring (春) and springroll is also known as 春卷, Chinese eats springroll on this auspicious day to usher in the new year.

Springroll is also consumed on the first day of Chinese New Year to usher in the first day of lunar calendar.

3. Sunbathing

Sunbathing is undoubtedly the most sunny and positive way to usher in the new year.

Family and friends usually gather outdoor during Li Chun to enjoy a simple outing while enjoying the mild sunlight on Li Chun.

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