How to waive Standard Chartered credit card annual fee

Waive your Standard Chartered credit cards annual fee in a few easy steps!

Step-by-Step Guide

Standard Chartered has a simple and convenient process for customers to waive their annual fee for credit cards such as Unlimited Cashback, Rewards+, Spree, Visa Infinite, Platinum Visa, Platinum Mastercard, Prudential Platinum, Prudential Visa Signature, NUS Alumni Platinum, Priority Visa Infinite, etc.. Follow these steps:

  1. Call (+65) 6747 7000
  2. Listening to the greeting message that cannot be skipped
  3. Press 2 for credit card fee waiver
  4. Press 1 for annual fee waiver
  5. Enter your 16 digits credit card number
  6. Your Standard Chartered credit card annual fee waiver will be submitted and processed.

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps below to waive annual fee with your SC Mobile app:

  1. Login to your SC Mobile banking app
  2. Tap on the menu icon, go to “Help & Services”, under “Service request by category”, choose “Card Management”
  3. Tap on “Credit Card Fee Waiver”
  4. Choose the card(s) for fee waiver and tap on “NEXT”
  5. Choose the fee to be waived and tap on “NEXT”
  6. Verify the details and tap on “CONFIRM”

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