How to waive Maybank credit card annual fee and late fee

How to waive Maybank credit card annual fee and late fee

Learn how to waive Maybank credit card annual fee and late fee effectively for Maybank Family & Friends card, Visa cards, Mastercard, etc.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to waive your Maybank credit cards annual fee, late fee and finance fee charges:

  1. Call 1800 629 2265 when calling from Singapore or +65 6533 5229 when calling from overseas
  2. Press 1 for Fee Waiver, Credit Card and CreditAble Application Status
  3. Press 1 for Fee Waiver Request
  4. Press 1 for Credit Card Fee Waiver; Press 2 for CreditAble Fee Waiver; Press 3 for Personal Loan Fee Waiver
  5. Press 1 for Annual Fee Waiver; Press 2 for Late Fee Waiver; Press 3 for Finance Fee Waiver
  6. Enter your 16 digits credit card number, followed by # key
  7. Press 1 to confirm the card number
  8. Enter your 8 digits mobile phone number, followed by # key
  9. Press 1 to confirm the mobile phone number

Your fee waiver request will be processed and you will receive a SMS of the application outcome within 7 business days.

When should you request for Maybank credit card fee waiver

Fee waiver request should be sent at least 3 business days before statement due date.

Maybank Credit Cards

Maybank boasts one of the most popular cashback cards, including Maybank Family & Friends Card which won the  Best Credit Card Initiative for Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards 2021.

In addition, Maybank also offers other credit cards such as:

  • Maybank Platinum Visa card
  • Maybank World Mastercard
  • Maybank Visa Infinite Card
  • Maybank Horizon Visa Signature Card
  • Maybank Duo Platinum Mastercard
  • Maybank Manchester United Platinum Visa Card
  • Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card
  • Maybank EVibes Card
  • Maybank Business Platinum Mastercard 

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