Piles (Hemorrhoids) cream or medication you can buy in Guardian or Watsons Pharmacy Singapore

Where to buy piles cream in Singapore - Hemorrhoids creams
Home remedies, creams and ointments you can buy from Guardian or Watsons Pharmacy in Singapore to treat Piles/ Hemorrhoids/ Haemorrhoids.

What is piles or haemorrhoids?

Piles (or Haemorrhoids, UK spelling / Hemorrhoids, US spelling) are abnormally engorged and swollen blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum. If you have one, you are not alone, it is a common disease in Singapore.

Over-the-counter medications are available in pharmacies such as Guardian, Watsons or Unity to treat small piles. This article lists out all the medications that you can easily find in Singapore.

  1. Preparation H Clear Gel
  2. Preparation H Ointment
  3. Pilex by Himalaya
  4. Yunnan Baiyao Hemorrhoidal Ointment
  5. Diosper Tablets

Warning: If you have serious piles or if there are no improvements while using these medications, immediately consult your doctor to prevent conditions from worsening.

1.Preparation H Clear Gel

Usual Price: S$10

Available in Guardian, Watsons and Unity Pharmacy

How to use: Apply the gel directly on the external hemorrhoids. It also comes with an applicator to reach internal hemorrhoids.

Preparation H Clear Gel and Ointment


Preparation H is a brand by Pfizer specializing in hemorrhoids/ piles treatment. Preparation H Clear Gel is made from non-greasy gel containing natural soothing ingredients.

Preparation H Clear Gel helps to relieve the symptoms of both internal and external hemorrhoids by moisturising and cooling the skin around the anal area and soothing the itchiness. It shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and gives prompt soothing relief from painful burning, itching and discomfort.

It also contains Hamamelis water which acts as an astringent that causes the cells they are in contact with to shrink and dry out, thus shrinking hemorrhoids. Hamamelis water is distilled witch hazel extract which is known in skincare for relief of skin irritation.

Source: Preparation H by Pfizer

2. Preparation H Ointment

Usual Price: S$10

Available in Guardian and Unity Pharmacy

How to use: Apply the ointment directly on the external hemorrhoids. It also comes with an applicator to reach internal hemorrhoids.


Preparation H Ointment is the ointment version of Preparation H Clear Gel.

It is made from natural ingredients to encourage skin repair and its ingredients are completely different from that of Preparation H Clear Gel. Its oil-based formula helps in moisturising the skin. Users who are not used to oil-based applications may experience slight discomfort initially.

3. Pilex by Himalaya

Usual Price: S$7.10

Available in NHG Pharmacy

How to use: Apply the ointment directly on the external hemorrhoids. It also comes with an applicator to reach internal hemorrhoids.

Pilex Cream by Himalaya


Pilex by Himalaya is an Ayurvedic treatment to help relieve internal and external hemorrhoids. Pilex shrinks pile mass, controls bleeding and heals inflamed skin and the mucous membrane.

Its key ingredients include Lajjalu (commonly known as Mimosa) which largely contains anti-microbial and healing properties.

Source: Pilex

4. Yunnan Baiyao Hemorrhoidal Ointment

Usual Price: S$12.20

Available in Unity Pharmacy, Guardian

How to use: Apply the ointment directly on the external hemorrhoids. It also comes with an applicator to reach internal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Cream


Yunnan Baiyao Hemorrhoidal Ointment is your Chinese medicine alternative to Preparation H for internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids.

While its ingredients are unknown and protected by the Chinese government as a national secret, this ointment is prohibited for pregnant women.

5. Diosper Tablets

Usual Price: S$30.00 for Daflon Tablets, S$24.4 for Kleva 

Available in Watsons, Guardian, Unity Pharmacy, Fairprice

How to use: To be taken orally

Daflon tablet


Although Diosper tablets are available over-the-counter, always consult your doctors or pharmacists before taking any medicine orally, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical conditions or drug allergies. It is used to relieve tired and heavy legs, pain and cramps and the swelling of legs, treat chronic haemorrhoids and acute haemorrhoidal attacks, reduce venous distensibility and venous stasis, and normalise capillary permeability and reinforces capillary resistance.

A Diosper tablet or Daflon tablet contains micronized purified flavonoid fraction corresponding to 450 mg diosmin plus 50 mg hesperidin.

Source: Guardian


Where to buy Mayinglong 马应龙 in Singapore?

Mayinglong (马应龙) made it to headline a few years ago for having good reviews in US-based Amazon. Mayinglong is not available in any of the pharmacy chains in Singapore, such as Watsons, Guardian or Unity. You may be able to buy it online from Taobao or Amazon but please exercise extra precautions when buying medications online. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before buying any medications online.

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