Breaking (14-May-2021): Phase 2 Heightened Alert

Phase 2 Heightened Alert: No more dine-in, WFH as default, up to 2 persons max. Please stay safe and protect yourself and others.

When will the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) take effect?

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has announced on 14 May 2021 that the Phase 2 Heightened Alert will take effect from Sunday 16 May 2021 through Sunday 13 June 2021.

How will it affect you?

Reductions in permissible group size

Reductions in permissible group size:

  • From up to 5 persons to up to 2 persons
  • No more than 2 social gatherings per day, regardless of in public or to household
  • Only 2 distinct visitors per household per day
  • Exception: grandchildren being cared for by their grandparents on a daily basis would not be counted towards the cap of 2 distinct visitors per household

No more dine-in

  • No more dine-in at F&B outlets and restaurants
  • No singing or play of certain musical instruments (wind or brass instruments) allowed

WFH is default again

  • Work from home should be the default arrangement
  • No cross deployment from worksite to worksite
  • Staggered working hours should continue
  • No social gatherings at workplace
  • No intermingling during meal breaks

Reduced capacity for all activities

  • Places of attractions, libraries and museums to operate at 25% operating capacity
  • Shopping malls and showrooms to allow 1 person per 16 sqm of Gross Floor Area (GFA)
  • Indoor and outdoor shows, MICE events, cinemas, wedding solemnisations, religious congregations to be capped at 100 persons with Pre-Event Testing (PET), and 50 persons without PET
  • Funeral attendees to be capped at 20 persons per day

Activities that are forbidden

  • Massage, facial and hairdressing services that require masks to be removed to stop
  • Home-based businesses (HBBs) cannot receive any visitors; HBBs to only operate on contactless delivery/ collection model
  • Outdoor BBQ activities, including both public ones in parks and private ones in condominiums, to cease
  • No unmasking, singing, playing of wind and brass musical instruments at religious events, MICE events, and live performances
  • No wedding receptions though wedding solemnisations are allowed
  • All mass participation sports events to be suspended, and no spectators at sports events

Clarifications on 2-person rule

  • Family unit of more than 2-person with elderly and children are allowed to travel together. They can travel in the same car or public transport.
  • It is recommended that grocery shopping to be kept at 2 people.

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