Ah Ye Kopi & Toast (Junction Nine)

Ah Ye Kopi Toast - Butter Sugar Toast
Ah Ye Kopi & Toast is neighbourhood coffee stall in Yishun serving local delights such as kaya butter toast, kopi & tea, curry chicken, Singapore laksa, prawn noodles & more.

Ah Ye Kopi & Toast Location 阿爷

Ah Ye Kopi & Toast is located in Junction 9, a neighbourhood mall two bus stops away from Yishun Bus Interchange. One can either reach the mall by taking a feeder bus from the interchange or walk for around 15 minutes from the interchange. The stall serves local comfort food ranging from toasts & soft boiled egg, kopi & teh, to laksa and curry chicken.

Ah Ye Kopi & Toast Menu

Below are its menu items and prices:

Drinks 饮料

  • Kopi O 咖啡乌 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.40 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $1.90 (Cold 冷) $2.20
  • Kopi 咖啡 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.50 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.00 (Cold 冷) $2.30
  • Kopi C 咖啡西 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Teh O 茶乌 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.40 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $1.90 (Cold 冷) $2.20
  • Teh 茶 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.50 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.00 (Cold 冷) $2.30
  • Teh C 茶西  – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Yuan Yang 鸳鸯 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Yuan Yang C 鸳鸯西 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.70 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.20 (Cold 冷) $2.50
  • Milo 美禄 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Horlicks 好立克 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Lemon Tea 柠檬茶 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.60 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.10 (Cold 冷) $2.40
  • Honey Lemon 蜂蜜柠檬 – (Hot 热 / Reg 小) $1.70 (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $2.20 (Cold 冷) $2.50
  • Barley 薏米白木耳 – (Cold 冷) $1.80
  • Aiyu Jelly 爱玉冰 – (Cold 冷) $2.50
  • Almond Longan Jelly 杏仁龙眼 – (Cold 冷) $2.50
  • Chinese Tea 中国茶 – (Hot 热/ Upsize 大) $1.60
  • Canned Drinks 罐装饮料 – (Cold 冷) $1.60

Traditional Toasts 传统土司
Choose your bread: Toasted brown bread, Toasted French Loaf, Toasted Soft Bun, or Steamed skinless bread

  • Kaya Butter 咖椰牛油 – (Ala Carte 单点) $2.40 (Set 套餐) $4.60
  • Kaya Peanut 咖椰花生酱 – (Ala Carte 单点) $2.40 (Set 套餐) $4.60
  • Butter Sugar 牛油砂糖 – (Ala Carte 单点) $2.40 (Set 套餐) $4.60
  • Peanut Butter 花生酱牛油 – (Ala Carte 单点) $2.40 (Set 套餐) $4.60

Pocket Toasts 口袋三明治

  • Otah 鱼肉乌达 – (Ala Carte 单点) $3.40 (Set 套餐) $4.80
  • Tuna Mayo 金枪鱼蛋黄酱 – (Ala Carte 单点) $3.40 (Set 套餐) $4.80
  • Egg Mayo  鸡蛋,蛋黄酱 – (Ala Carte 单点) $3.40 (Set 套餐) $4.80
  • Meat Floss 鸡肉松 – (Ala Carte 单点) $3.40 (Set 套餐) $4.80

Steam Bread 蒸面包

  • Otah 鱼肉乌达 – (Ala Carte 单点) $3.40 (Set 套餐) $4.80

All Time Favourite 热门熟食

  • Laksa 叻沙 – (Ala Carte 单点) $4.50 (Set 套餐) $5.50
  • Curry Chicken Whole Leg 咖喱鸡 – (Ala Carte 单点) $6.80 (Set 套餐) $7.80
  • Shredded Chicken Curry Noodle 鸡丝咖喱面 – (Ala Carte 单点) $4.80 (Set 套餐) $5.80
  • Chicken Prawn Noodle 鸡丝虾面 – (Ala Carte 单点) $4.80 (Set 套餐) $5.80
  • HK Style Noodle 港式公仔面 – (Ala Carte 单点) $4.80 (Set 套餐) $5.80
  • Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun 咖喱鸡猪肠粉 – (Ala Carte 单点) $5.50 (Set 套餐) $6.50
  • Braised Chicken Egg Rice 焗鸡蛋饭  – (Ala Carte 单点) $5.50 (Set 套餐) $6.50

Others 其他

  • Curry You Cha Kui 咖喱油条 – $1.70
  • Soft Boiled Egg 半熟蛋 – $1.60

Ah Ye Kopi & Toast Review

Ah Ye Kopi & Toast is located on Level 2 of Junction 9, opposite Anytime Fitness. It has a dining area that sits around 10-20 people.

We visited the outlet at 11am on a Saturday morning and there were still seats available at the dining area. As such, we went straight to the ordering counter. We were a little confused over its menu at first as there were a few corrections. Nevertheless, we clarified with the staff and decided to order a Butter Sugar Toast ($2.40), a Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fun ($5.50), and a Chicken Prawn Noodle ($4.80). After which, we were given a queue number tag and proceeded to wait at the dining area. We waited for about 5 minutes before we were called through the queuing system placed on the walls.

The taste of their Butter Sugar Toast was typical of thinly sliced toasts slathered with cold butter similar to other coffee and toast stores. However, it fell short in terms of its crispness (it was a little soft when served); it probably needed a little more time on the toasters.

The Curry Chee Cheong Fun was a unique fusion dish, and surprisingly, the two paired well together. The Chee Cheong Fun made the Curry less spicy and heavy. Lastly, the Chicken Prawn Noodle came with a generous amount of shredded chicken and two fresh prawns soaked in a savory soup base. It was the best item we had among the three. The only drawback was that the prawns were not peeled and it can be troublesome to deshell them with no wash basin in the outlet.

In all, we enjoyed our late breakfast. We rate the quality of their food 3.5/5, their value-for-money a 3.5/5 (we had 50% off from Eatigo reservation) and their service a 3.5/5. If you are in the neighbourhood and are not sure where to dine, you can consider giving them a try.

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